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Knowledge itself is power

Francis Beacon said “Knowledge itself is power.” [] The intent of this blog is to be a resource of knowledge for buyers, designers, procurement professionals or anyone who may have questions concerning the procurement of printing.

When buyers have knowledge about the product they are purchasing, they will be able to purchase the best product at the lowest total cost. The lowest total cost may not be the lowest price, but when all the key procurement factors, such as delivery turn-a-round time, quality and price, are evaluated it is the lowest cost. The lowest price printer may have the worst quality and delivery turn-a-round times, where as the highest price printer might only have the fasted delivery time but lack the best quality.

Over the years I have held many different positions in printing and procurement. If I don’t know the answer to your questions I have associates who will. However for this to be a useful blog, I need your assistance. You can assist by e-mailing your questions, sending PDF’s of printing issues or comments to

Thank you for your time.

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